Verdict: Super Win!

The chicken was amazing. Best non-Asian dish I have ever made. I really think that the sweet Hungarian paprika that I got from Penzey's this weekend made a difference. The potatoes were okay (the chicken just out-shined everything), but I did like the bright lemon taste. I didn't have the special broiler that the food blog had, so instead I winged it. Next time: cook the potatoes with foil on high (broil setting for oven) for 5-10 minutes, then put the rack of chicken on (top-side down) and cook for 18-20 minutes on low. Flip the chicken over and cook for 18-20 minutes on low, then cook on high for 2 minutes to crisp up the chicken. Double win because chicken leg quarters are so cheap :)

Broiled spicy chicken with herbed potatoes and pearl onions adapted from Home Cooking Rocks!
Yield: Serves 4

4 chicken leg quarters, a total of 1 kg

For the seasoning:
8 cloves (segments) of a large garlic, peeled and grated
2 tsps. of paprika
2 tsps. of cayenne powder
3 tsps. of salt
2 tsps. of ground black pepper
4 tbsps. of olive oil

For the herbed potatoes and pearl onion side dish:
4 to 6 potatoes, washed and scrubbed, and cut into bite-sized pieces
about 16 pearl onions, peeled but left whole
juice of 1 lemon
4 tbsps. of olive oil
2 tsp dried rosemary

Mix all the seasoning ingredients and rub on the chicken leg quarters. Place the chicken in a covered container and leave in the fridge to absorb the flavors for at least six hours.

In a bowl, toss together all the ingredients for the side dish. Spread the vegetables in a large baking pan (big enough to fit a baking rack on top)and cover with aluminum foil. Broil on the "high" setting in the oven for 5-10 minutes. Remove from oven and remove the aluminum foil.

Arrange the chicken leg quarters on a rack, top-side down. Place rack on top of the baking pan with the vegetables (so that the chicken drippings can fall on top of the vegetables). Change the broil setting to low and cook for 18-20 minutes. Flip the chicken over and cook for another 18-20 minutes on low, then cook on broil setting high for 2 minutes to crisp up the chicken.


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