Verdict: win

This was my second time grilling, and first time grilling without supervision :) This recipe is great if you're looking for an easy marinade when you don't feel like chopping up a bunch of stuff (ie, ginger and garlic). It also uses a relatively inexpensive cut of beef: top round (BOGO at Giant Eagle Market District when I bought it = $8 total for 2.5 lbs of steak!). It should be noted that London Broil isn't actually a type of cut, but a method of preparation. In the stores, these steaks could still be labeled as "London Broil" or "steaks for marinating"; however, the cut itself is usually top round or flank.

At first, I wasn't won over because the final dish is rather sweet for my taste (I like my hunks of beef mouth-wateringly savory). Served cold and sliced thinly against the grain the next day over salad, however, was delightful. Dipping it in hot, leftover sauce made it even better.

Some general notes to myself: I should have marinated the steak longer (>8 hours) because it was not as tender as I would have liked after resting a few minutes right off the grill. Serving the steak with the sauce is optional, but makes the dish juicier. And always, always, always cut thin slices against the grain for London Broil.

I've also become obsessed with grilling vegetables right now. I've learned that I need to grill them to almost the point of looking charred. I love how sweet grilled Vidalia onions and red bell peppers are, and grilled zucchini almost tastes like french fries. The vegetables taste great cold too. Swoon.

(Also, please excuse the poor-quality phone photos...)