Verdict: win

All of the meals I record on here are classified as "wins", but often times they are "wins" that are contingent upon changing something next time I would make it. This recipe is perfect as is - it's the biggest winner by far of the summer. It's also a great excuse for whipping out your cast-iron skillet. I ended up marinating the chicken overnight, but that was due to sheer laziness.


Top sirloin steak was also on sale last week...I have a hard time resisting meats on sale at the grocery. Limes have become affordable again, and I had a bunch of limes to finish up last week. This recipe was great, but the trick with using less expensive cuts of steak of top sirloin is to let the steak marinate for at least overnight, to grill the steak of medium rare (more on the rare side), to let the steak sit, and to slice the steak very, very thinly against the grain. It's just difficult to create a more tender steak from a naturally chewy cut. I found that the steak was also better the day after cooking - for some reason it become more tender. For convenience, I slice it all at once prior to the first serving or prior to storing the leftovers.

Verdict: win?

Country-style ribs were on sale last week, so I purchased a bunch to try out this recipe. I halved the recipe and cooked the ribs in the crock pot on low for around 8 hours. The original recipe is posted below, but I took some liberties in using lime juice instead of orange juice for the ponzu substitute, and I did not broil the ribs. I'm not sure if it's because the liquid didn't completely cover the meat that made the meat a bit more dry, but overall it was a bit dry and quite salty. It was much more balanced chopped up and sauteed with green beans, and I imagine it'd also be great for fried rice, but I'm not sure I'd make this again without figuring out what I did wrong.