Verdict: Win

First real solid food (okay, maybe I nibbled on some donuts earlier) after getting my wisdom teeth out was mac and cheese. It was actually more like chopped up lasagna and cheese (hence no picture because it wasn't the prettiest), but it did the job. I like this simple recipe because it only has 4 ingredients, but it's so tasty. I love the combination of the tangy greek yogurt and sharp Parmesan. Make sure to grate your own block of Parmesan, because that Kraft stuff isn't going to cut it.

Mac and Cheese by José Andrés from Ladles and JellySpoons
Yield: variable (recipe has no measurements)

olive oil, good quality
Plain Greek yogurt
Hard, strong flavored cheese (Parmesan)

Boil pasta and add enough good quality olive oil to coat the noodles but without making them greasy. Stir in the creamy Greek yogurt so the noodles are well coated. Using a microplane (which gives the hard cheese a lot of volume) grate a strong flavored cheese (Parmesan) over the top. Stir in the cheese to make a rich creamy cheese sauce, season with salt and pepper and serve immediately with a few micro chives.


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